Posted on Feb 13, 2021

Sell gift cards, Cash for gift cards, Sell a gift card

What does it mean to cash in a gift card?
It's a simple process of converting existing gift cards to cash or other types of funds such as PayPal transfers, wire transfers, or even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
This means of trading is on the rise globally. However, all concerned gift card sellers are looking for a reliable gift card buyer where they can sell a gift card and do a fast transaction without creating accounts on websites or wait for days for security scrutiny before the arrival of funds.
They prefer an office or a shop to go and do business where the procedure will be simple. For instance, you go to the shop, the shopkeeper checks the balance on the card, sign the paperwork (that they're the owner of the cards), and guess what? The seller gets the payout in cash, and the gift card buyer takes the card.
All gift cards can be cashed out if you're concerned with which card to sell. The only exceptions are gift cards for rare brands like GameStop, Ikea, Spa lounge, etc. These gift cards are usually put "on hold," meaning that the shop can take them from you but will not pay you right away. You may need to wait up to 14 days. After this time, if the gift card keeps its balance, you will need to go to the shop once again to get your payout in cash.
The reason is that these gift cards are low liquid, and it may be hard to move them. Also, low-liquid cards may easily expire or lose their balance. That's why an "on hold" policy may apply.
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